Axial needle cage assemblies

Axial needle cage assemblies, composed of synthetic or metal axial cage assemblies with integrated needle rollers, have an extremely low overall height. They tolerate high axial forces acting in one direction, radial forces must be taken up separately. The deployment of axial needle cage assemblies requires that hardened and bevelled thrust surfaces may be used as raceways.

Thrust bearing washers
Thrust bearing washers are punched, hardened and polished and can be used as shaft or housing washers. These washers are appropriate when the adjoining machine part when not hardened, is rigid enough and of a stable form.

Axial needle bearings
Axial needle bearings are components made up of axial needle rollers and cage assemblies and axial washers with centring bore. They can be combined with needle sleeves, needle bushes and needle bearings. The thrust surface for the cage assembly must be hardened and bevelled.

The product types AXK and K are applicable here