Bearings for metal industry

require high precision, large rated moving load, and high maximum rotation speed. By adopting the new technology of material processing, KFB has successfully manufactured bearings of long service life that are highly fatigue resistant and impact resistant.

The types of bearings made by KFB for the metallurgical roller mills are: split bearings; unit rollers; support roller bearings; single row, double row, three row, four row cylindrical roller bearings, fully-loaded cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings.

The use of split bearings appreciably facilitates assembly and repair operations compared to the use of nonsplit (conventional) bearings. It does away with the need for the disassembly and subsequent reassembly of intermediate parts and mechanisms, which is required when replacing conventional bearings. It also reduces costs and production losses. If provided with efficient cooling, reliable lubrication and proper sealing, split-bearing components can be used that are designed for service under severe conditions and in aggressive media (with substantial loads and high temperatures). Thus it is possible to design elements for the supports of roller conveyors (groups of support rollers) used on continous casters.